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Top 10 Torrent Sites

Agencias  |  10 de septiembre de 2010 (18:28 h.)
As of September 10, 2010, the Top 10 Torrent Sites are listed below. This list is a compilation of recommendations submitted by hundreds of readers. 


ExtraTorrent is a crammed-looking site, and yes, it has popup advertising that can be annoying. BUT: this cluttered site also offers some really packed information that many users will appreciate: the torrents have movie plot summaries, photos of the actors, user comments on the stories, names of the users who verified the torrent, and visual crosslinks to similar movies. I personally like that ExtraTorrents features some really obscure gems in the left column... a very helpful feature for real movie and TV buffs looking to discover new shows.

Link to extraTorrent


Bit Unity 

This newer addition to our list is a private community that allegedly takes very attentive care of its users. If you have 20 minutes to sign up and try Bit Unity, please do, and confirm that this site is as good as some readers claim.

Link to Bit Unity



In addition to reliable meta-searching services, Torrentscan provides the very helpful feature of featuring \"File Sharing News\". This is ideal for serious downloaders who want to follow the legal landscape of P2P sharing. Try Torrentscan for yourself, and tell us how you like it.

Link to Torrentscan



While the name is awkward to type, these folks offer a solid semi-private search site. The memberships might be closed soon, so visit them right away!

Link to BitToxic



GPirate claims to be the largest torrent search engine today. It does have an amateurish look and feel to its interface, but it does yield large result sets. Give GPirate a try, and let us know if you like the service.

Link to gpirate.com


Torrentshack (aka \"TorrentHunt\")

Torrentshack, also known as Torrenthunt, is a rather plain looking search site. But plain is good, because it often means faster searching for people on slower connections. Torrentshack has been recommended by several About.com readers lately.

Link to Torrentshack


Torrent Funk

Torrent Funk is a crowd pleaser. While TF does not display user ratings, it does employ \'verified torrent\' tagging to help reduce the number of fakes you will epxerience. Additionally, the cross-movie recommendations are very helpful, and multiple About.com readers have strongly recommended Torrent Funk. Give this site a try and let us know if you like it.

Link to Torrent Funk



BTjunkie is a solid torrent service for many reasons: it has a massive database, it offers torrent email updates of new additions, Twitter updates, and useful reporting and comment features.

Link to BTjunkie



Linux users: rejoice! Here is a niche site for your niche tastes in software! Get legal Linux/Unix files, applications, virtual machines, and more.

Link to LinuxTracker


The Blues Brothers

Blues Brothers is a private site with a strong community and file-sharing ethic. As a private site, you can expect the leeching (selfish) users to be reduced. The BB community also strives to police itself by carefully watching each member\'s upload ratio... if you abuse your ratio, you are blocked from downloading until you donate. This policy may seem a bit harsh, but members seem to really appreciate it.

Link to The Blues Brothers



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